From workstation PC to server, GNY provide one stop service for you.

  • Set up a new workstation, we offer you brand new computer and software at the best price.
  • Computer running slow, we help you upgrade your hardware to meet your requirements.
  • Need a server to speed up your business, we provide you the server and IT technician to help you set up.
  • Worried about data security, we set up backup for your data and restore your data when facing disaster.
  • Hard drive corrupt  with no backup, we help to retrieve the data.


Organizations have been working on improving their business efficiency using information technology for decades, data security, data accessibility, email capacity, system automation, all become essential for any organization, a highly efficient  server is the key to all these issues.

GNY provides a broad range of servers and server services to speed up your business, our technician will help you all the way from build up your server to set up a highly efficient working environment, including server upgrade, server configuration, software installation and configuration,  backup and disaster recovery.

As your trusted partner, GNY provide you all the technical support you need, so you can focus on your business development. With many clients double their business in the past few years and bring us more opportunities, we believe that offer the best services to help our clients is the key to our succeed.


When your business is growing, setting up new workstation or upgrade existing workstation is important, Any delay means slowing down your business growth.

When one of your workstation failed, getting it back to work fast is essential. Any delay means losing efficiency.

When one of your workstation crushed, retrieving the data soon is urgent. Any delay may leads to lost opportunity.

When any of this happen, give us a call, our technician will get the job done. Information technology speed up your business, GNY speed up your information technology.


Losing data is disaster, for many people losing data and no way to get it back means the end of the world.

Many people experience the same thing, wake up in the morning, go to work in an excellent mood, turn on the computer but nothing happens, tried everything and find the hard drive is totally corrupt, the work of the month is gone,hard drive recovery costs hundreds of dollars and infinity time.

That is why GNY provides backup services, you may choose to back up on your workstation, or save data on server and backup server, you may want to backup on a physical device or backup on cloud. Either way, GNY will help you secure your data. never need to worried about losing data, any disaster happen, you may simply recover from your backup, it is cheaper, faster and most importantly, it is safer.