E-commerce is currently one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge, it covers from consumer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchange trading good and services. No matter what your business is, E-commerce can always help you bust your revenue.

If you are thinking about taking advantage from E-commerce, contact us in no time, GNY will help you design and develop your own website, and host the website for you at minimum cost.

E-Commerce Website Hosting

Got your own website but tired about all the problem comes with it, not enough space, number of visits limitation, data transfer limitation,  long website load time. IF you are experience any of these issues, just contact us!

GNY will provide you customized web hosting plan based on your requirements, you can choose to using shared server or dedicated server, the size of space, memory. we will never limit your number of visits or your site pages. It is your website, we are just here to help.

E-Commerce Website Development

Check the situation below, if you meet any of them, you actually need a E-commerce website.

  1. Trying to collect Email and other useful information during checkout in your store, but need customer data for Email marketing
  2. Trying to reach new prospective customers through search engines.
  3. Trying to increase visibility of store promotions.
  4. Allowing prospective customers to shop where, how and when they want.
GNY can help you with it, no matter you need a simple information website, or you want a fully functional E-commerce website, our developer team will help you with it.
Feel free to choose any template you like, no matter it is WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop or Magento. let us know your requirements and we will develop your website.