Ransomware Prevention

Don’t become a victim of online extortion

Ransomware can penetrate your organization via online scams and phishing attacks. If opened, the virus encrypts your company’s data and holds it hostage until a fee is paid to the hacker.
However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your files back if you give in to the hacker’s demands. The best way to defeat these cybercriminals is to prepare your network defenses so that ransomware never touches your most important files.

IT Management Solutions offers preventive measures, network configuration services, and top-of-the-line security solutions that will minimize your company’s exposure to ransomware, and, ultimately, protect your data.


Click HERE to view this Interactive eBook, The Smarter MSP's Guide to Ransomware to:

  1. Understand ransomware and the most recent spear phishing variants
  2. Assist businesses that do fall victim to ransomware
  3. Learn best practices to follow to protect customers

IT Management Solutions protects you from ransomware with:

  • Network defense - to detect and prevent malicious files attempting to infiltrate your systems.
  • Endpoint protection - holistic security software to stop ransomware from running on company devices.
  • Email security - to blocks ransomware and other nasty viruses delivered through spam and phishing emails.
  • Server configuration - where we set up a strong infrastructure designed to withstand ransomware.
  • Expert advice - such as employee education of cybersecurity best practices.