An effective Phone system is essential for you business, efficient communication with your customer and colleagues enable you to meet your customers' requirements and optimize your resources. GNY provide you with one-stop service, no matter you need basic call center operation, or advanced facilities, our service start from wiring, installation all the way to configuration, and troubleshooting. your satisfaction is our goal.

Voip Phone

With lower call rate, less maintenance cost and consume minimum power, IP phone system have better return on investment than any other phone system. Besides, IP Phone system are more flexible, adding/dropping users is quick; There will be no downtime, even if internet is down, your call will be forward.

The best part of VoIP phone system is management, you can manage your system anywhere, just make a phone call. no matter where the phone is, great for you if you have offices in different locations.

IP phones are more portable compared to traditional phones. free the phone from power limit. Also IP phones have greater cord range, it goes up to 100m length. having a huge office or warehouse is no longer a problem.

Analogue Phone

Analogue phone system have support business for decades, it is reliable, boast good voice quality, and it also have basic features like hold, mute, redial, and speed dial, it may also be able to transfer calls between extensions. If you are low on budget and do not plan to change extension or relocate, analogue phone system is a good choice for you.

As partner of Panasonic, GNY provide all Panasonic analogue phones.